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Born in Bolton, England
Lives & works in Vancouver, Canada


Sep 2017 - British Columbia Magazine

Nov - 2015 - Canadian Woodworking Magazine

Oct 2015 - PassageMaker Magazine (U.S)

Apr 2015 - Times Colomnist

Jan 2015 - Aging Safely in Your Home

Aug 2010 - Home Makeover Magazine

Dec 2009 - Outdoor Canada

Nov 2004 - Outdoor Photography (UK) 

Sep 2003 - Outdoor Photography (UK) 

Exhibitions & Festivals

May 2013 - Birds (PhotoHaus Gallery) - Vancouver, B.C.


2017 - British Columbia Photo of the year.

I enjoyed taking photos as a kid, but only really started to love photography when my Grandad lent me his SLR for a school trip to France when I was 16. 

After graduating University I travelled the world for a year and became passionate about trying to 'capture' the essence of an experience.

I have been fortunate to have travelled to many places and experience many different cultures. In recent years I have shared my tidbits of learnings with others, teaching photography classes to people of all ages. 


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